Vertigo is Not Always Just Crystal Related

What's wrong with self treating?

This video gives some great information in regards to Crystal related BBPV only. This means that if crystals have been Knocked loose and travel into the Canal from the Utricle, It can help Immensely. When we as healthcare providers start isolated a disease process to one option only, We can certainly do harm. The question you should ask is, “Is the room spinning or am I?” Vertigo is the room spinning, not you. What I would like to also add is this, “Is it worse if I move my head when both lying down and sitting up and does that last for 1min or less?” If it happens other than that, or it takes longer, It might be something other than BPPV and it may need more care.

Notice in this video that the ENT ask specific questions regarding Face droop, Speech trouble, Fall and hit head, Etc. The reason he is asking this is because there could be signs of stroke, Bells Palsy, Migraine, Tumors, etc. You really need to have Vertigo that is persistent checked out properly.

After any episode of Vertigo, You might want to see a Physical Therapist who specializes in Vestibular and concussion rehab or at a minimum balance and fall prevention.