Hangry? Shaky? Do You Need to Eat Now, Or Else?


What exactly is hangry? It’s that past the point of no return irritation that occurs because your body is having a response to Blood sugar levels. Usually, they’ve dropped below what the system wants and the Adrenal Glands are not able to help by boosting Cortisol. Many people think this is just a day in the life. They spend most days with moments of Hangry, and think that it’s normal. Usually, it happens when they get distracted and forget to eat. Or, when a large group decides to do an activity and no one can decide on a meal or restaurant. Sometimes it occurs due to poor food choices the day before and inability to regain control so the immediate reach is for sugary or starchy foods.

I am here to tell you: IT IS NOT NORMAL

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So Why Is it So Common?

The Standard American Diet, or SAD for short.

You see, SAD says that we are supposed to eat

  • grains
  • Starches
  • Legumes
  • Very small amounts of Proteins in comparison
  • Small amounts of Veggies and Fruit in comparison
  • Dairy is the only fat listed…. What about nuts and avocado?

Why is it Wrong?

The Food guide pyramid is developed by the USDA. Agricultural Goods are one of the highest GDP products, other than healthcare, in the United States at 5.2% or just over $1trillion. Also, the government subsidizes GRAINS more than any other agricultural good in the United States(1). More than half of the $20 Billion a year in fact goes to subsidize grains in the States. Can you see the conflict of interest?

Then, let’s talk about those pictures. Do you see any actual whole grains? I don’t.

What I see are products that were processed so far that the body can not recognize them. Products that have sugar and preservatives added. How much does that picture look like this one?

The answer: NOT AT ALL. And why is that? Many reasons. The primary being that they don’t look appealing. Second, they are hard to digest. The process of Processing them leads to depletion of the actual fiber and nutrient dense Germ portion of the grain. All that is left is the starch or endosperm. With the fiber removed, you must treat the grain to get the body to further digest it and not turn it to sugar. Not sure? Look at this image:


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So what is Reactive Hypoglycemia or HANGRY?

What it actually is is the process by which you can long term develop Type II diabetes.


This is the process by which the liver, and to some extent, the kidneys produce Glycogen, or Blood Sugar.

During the process, all Organisms, including plants, fungi and bacteria, take the chemical pyruvate and turn it into glucose. Notice, I said ALL organisms. When was the last time you saw a Mushroom eating a slice of bread? Tree Moss eating a Blueberry Muffin? Clovers eating a bowl of rolled oats?

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