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"My pain was impairing my ability to walk and use my right arm. The "technicians" know their jobs and I felt relief of my pain. Jessica has magic hands. My head is clear after she works on my neck!"
Jan 22, 2019
"I was having difficulty with balance and walking. The Doctors at Agility take the extra step in giving quality care."
Jan 22, 2019
"After a car accident, I experienced back and hip pain. I wasn't able to walk or stand for long periods, lift heavy things. I am no pain-free! I can do all the things I did previously."
Jan 22, 2019
"My right ankle was affecting my balance. I recommend Agility Physical Therapy because they work with patients and help them adjust to various challenges."
Jan 22, 2019
"I went to physical therapy because I was having back spasms and arthritis in major joints. I wasn't able to move, function or even sleep. Dr. Marci has a remarkable ability to observe detail. She is also sensitive about how and when to share observations with patients. I think her training in functional medicine gives her holistic approach to working with patients. Agility Provides a variety of services and classes (in my case, deep tissue laser and pilates) to improve patients lives. Dr. Marci is also well-informed about many topics and fun to talk to!"
Jan 22, 2019
"I was having vertigo when I came to Agility. I didn't have stability with walking driving, etc and experienced extreme fatigue. I recommend Agility because they truly are highly competent and educated professionals. Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga worked with me to resolve my vertigo. Her ability to diagnose and deal with the issue was outstanding. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of the bodies amazing, and the results speak for themselves. I highly encourage those in need of physical therapy to go to Agility."
Jan 22, 2019
"I was having pain in my left shoulder and arm that was affecting my ability to do my normal activities and job. Now I have almost all my mobility, can be more social and do my job with very little assistance. I have almost all my shoulder and arm rotation back. I would have the use I now have without the help of people at Agility, especially Jessica."
Jan 22, 2019
"I came in for Physical Therapy after a knee replacement. I wasn't able to do anything! Agility Physical Therapy is a welcoming place that partners with each patient to achieve wellness and mobility. Dr. Jessica Khani brings great medical knowledge and wonderful interpersonal skills. That is a great combination. She encourages your resolve to do the exercise and celebrates each little breakthrough. I am 75 years old, and feel ready for the next agenda."
Jan 22, 2019
"The people I have worked with are very friendly and knowledgable. As long as I do my part, everything Jessica has told me to do works! My balance seems much better and I don't constantly feel like I am going to fall."
Jan 22, 2019
"I came into physical therapy for my dizziness and balance. It was affecting my ability to take walks and train my dogs. I would recommend Agility Physical Therapy because they listened, cared, are professional, well trained in the area I needed help, and worked well with my insurance company."
Jan 10, 2019
"I had surgery on my right shoulder. The physical therapists at Agility Physical Therapy are very professional, kind, informable and puts patients needs first! They are so awesome!!!!"
Jan 10, 2019
"I came into physical therapy for my right ankle and balance. I recommend Agility Physical Therapy because they work with the patient to help adjust to various challenges."
Jan 10, 2019
"Jessica is great! She focuses on the issue. My pain in my middle back and numbness and tingling in my left arm was affecting my walking, sleeping and work. Jessica also found several other lingering issues. After a month my pain levels are dramatically better."
Jan 10, 2019
"When I first came in for physical therapy, I was having right knee pain with cycling. I would recommend Agility PT because they are very friendly, encouraging, and thoughtful in their care. Also very knowledgable about flexibility and strengthening exercises."
Jan 10, 2019
"I was having extreme lower back pain which was affecting my ability to function at all. I was having trouble getting dressed and getting up from my chair at work. I am better now after several visits with Dr. Jessica Khani. She gave me many exercises and advice. I not walk 50 minutes per day and swim 3 times per week as well as continuing the exercises. Thank you!"
Jan 10, 2019
"Dr Marce has been taken care of me for over 1 year. With my condition, I will have back issues for the rest of my life. I feel very fortunate that I can get the care I need and that the VA agrees with me and my choice of Therapist as I'm a disabled vet and the VA and Dr. Marce effort I will be able to live close to a normal life. Agility PT is very easy to work with I am able to have my sessions at times that work for me."
Nov 25, 2018
"They are friendly and helpful. I am progressing ahead of schedule from my total knee replacement surgery thanks to their care and attention to detail. Thanks Agility!"
Oct 27, 2018
"I was a physical therapy intern from Columbia University last year at Agility PT which gave me the unique opportunity to observe Dr. Marci, treat some of her patients, and learn from her. The first thing I noticed was that many of Dr. Marci’s patients have followed her for many years and she has formed a close bond to many of them. The reason is quite simple, Dr. Marci genuinely cares about her patient’s rehab process, she is intuitive, provides personalized care, and uses evidence based practice to provide the most effective treatment. It is rare to find a physical therapist who is so well versed the way Dr. Marci is in all aspects of physical therapy (wellness, business, billing and insurance, imaging) and she remembers everything about you. As a competitive high level athlete, Dr. Marci understands the demands of sports and only gives advice to patients that she would adhere to herself. I have seen many patients get better under the care of Dr. Marci and I would highly recommend coming to her for physical therapy. "
Mar 13, 2018
"I found the treatment I received to be very helpful. I have scoliosis and Marci was great in helping me to deal with this. I definitely recommend getting physical therapy here."
Jan 03, 2018
"A friend of ours suggested Dr Marci when I was having a knee replaced. What a great find! She was great with my rehab and saw an ongoing problem with a previous back surgery. With that, I went to a new doctor and had a corrective surgery on my back. Agility has worked with me through that also with better results than I expected. Now my wife has had a rotator cuff surgery and there is no doubt who she will do her rehab with . Karen at the front desk does a great job too keeping schedules straight and things running smoothly. Thanks Karen."
Dec 23, 2017
"I have been going to Agility PT & Sports Medicine for several years. Most recently, I have had my left knee replaced and it has been a real struggle for me. I built up scar tissue and had to have a manipulation. With the constant care and positive feed back I get from Dr. Marci I have been able to get my range of motion above 130 degrees. Its important to know and have someone really care about you and want you to get better. Being kind and understanding and wanting to help you get better makes all the difference. I have referred friends to Dr. Marci and they just love her. She is a great Dr. and I think the world of her. She is the best and she is so smart. Her staff is helpful and they make you feel comfortable. I am having the deep laser heat therapy and I really feel it is working. I am lucky that she started promoting the heat therapy just after my PT started. What a positive difference. "
Dec 22, 2017
"After surgery to reconnect my bicep to my arm, I needed some serious help. Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga was amazing! Her knowledge of how the body works and the best way to rehabilitate it made it possible for me to recover. With her help, my arm is good as it was before. Do not settle for anyone but the best, and Dr. Marci Catallo-Madruga is simply the finest around. "
Dec 22, 2017

The Staff here does a great job at addressing all of the issues related to the injury. They looked at my hip and core strength after my total knee replacement. Many questions I had they answered and made sure I did not overdo it, but still worked towards getting me independent. They were kind and supportive throughout and I appreciate them very much.

Linda W.

The staff is very invested in your health and well being. They are truly in the recovery with you. They insured that I could return to national level of competing in powerlifting.

Angelo M.

Marci Does a great job at understanding why people want/need to do the activities they choose to participate in. Dry Needling and deep tissue work as well as the Deep Tissue Laser are very effective and Dr. Marci is certainly helpful in every aspect of recovery.

Brittani C.

Dr. Marci performs a perfect balance of exercise and deep tissue work. She truly cares about each of her patients and has exercises to continue to progress them all appropriately. She really wants each one to get better.

Andrea R.

As a professional athlete, with a series of injuries over the past few years, I have experimented with many rehab techniques and treatments. With LifeForce Cold Laser the results were very apparent, and nearly instantaneous. I had my first treatment about 6 weeks into my knee injury, a partial tear to my PCL, and as early as the next morning saw major improvement in my range of motion. This was a real turning point in my recovery, and I was very quickly back to building strength and enjoying all the activities I love. I have continued LightForce treatments with the Agility PT Team, and consistently feel looser and more agile after my appointments. I would highly recommend LightForce Cold Laser therapy to anyone looking for a painless and effective way to recover from injury, and get back into physical activity.

Phoebe S.