Gut Health and Hormones: Gut Health Part 3

So now that I know leaky gut exists, What else should I know?


Those pesky little signalers in your body that drive every process. They are affected by leaky gut.

In fact, there are now studies that link the diagnosis of PCOS and Leaky gut. (1) They show that women who have leaky gut are more likely to suffer from lack of diversity in the biome, but also that they suffer from the inflammatory processes surrounding leaky gut. The imbalance in the microbiome plus the leaky gut lead to estrogen dominance.  One study even suggests that some of the gut bacteria are pro estrogen forming. Which means that they will break down the cholesterols from the food you eat and use them to produce more estrogen.

But its not just Estrogen. Turns out that poor gut health is a leading cause of LowT as well. Testosterone is also produced in part by nutrients that we ingest and can absorb. (2) When the gut is leaky, it creates inflammatory cascades that decrease function of the gonads. The reduced function decrease Gonadotropin hormone. This hormone triggers production of testosterone. Lack of testosterone has been linked to

  1. Erectile dysfunction
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Stroke
  4. Decreased Muscle Recovery, repair, rebuilding
  5. Gynecomastia
  6. Breast cancer in men

Medication or Supplements?

Well, Lets be honest. When was the last time a pharmaceutical company gave you a drug that cleared up all your problems and created none.

Recently, I have even seen some of the LowT clinics prescribing the use of metformin.  And sure, The research for Obese Males with Type II diabetes shows that (3)

  1. It decreases cholesterol
  2. Decreases obesity
  3. Decreases inflammation
  4. Can improve overall heart health
  5. Changes the gut bacteria ratio


So that same physician that is giving you testosterone is giving you metformin. Then you have to up the testosterone dose, making it more expensive. Long term, the use of metformin also showed in healthy males to cause Erectile Dysfunction. (4) Seems odd that the same guy is writing you a prescription for the two. Sure, 12 weeks of cycling on and 6 months off may help with someone with high cholesterol. But research shows those problems with ED start around 12-18 weeks.

Are you willing to risk morning sex for 6-pack abs? I know which one I’d rather have….

Supplements that boost testosterone, lower blood sugar, cleanse the liver and lower cholesterol: Berberine (taken from the peel of Bergamot oranges), Bergamot and Turmeric. (5)


So which do you want?

When is the last Cure we had in the US?

When is the last time you heard a list of side effects that nearly scared you to death?

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Gut Health: Part 2 Stomach or Intestine?

How do you know if it is the small intestine or the stomach?


Well, this can be a challenge, but we can move in a direction to see which one it is. The easier way to determine is to see WHEN the symptoms happen. The problem with this approach is that most of us are Overfed and Over feeding too often. 


For years, the lie has been perpetuated that you need 5 small meals a day. That it keeps blood sugar stabilized and that it helps the gut “know how to work”


The truth,

if you read the series on Reactive Hypoglycemia, is that eating 5 small meals a day ruins insulin sensitivity and decreases the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel. The other truth;

  • It takes 4 hours for the stomach to empty. 
  • It takes 6-9 for the small intestine to empty
  • It takes 2-4 hours to transit in the colon. 

If you wake up at 6 and go to bed at 11 that isn’t enough time to eat 5 meals a day. 


 You need 20 hours of time to eat 5 small meals. 


Because your stomach needs to be empty before you add more to it. 


Because it has to rebuild the Acid required to break down food. 


Because if you don’t have the right amount of acid, you can not break the food down enough for the enzymes from the small intestine to work. 


When the enzymes don’t work properly, You get large food particles pressing against and tearing against the lining of the small intestine. When that happens, you get weakening of the lining of the small intestine and leaky gut. 


Notice at the TRUTH section that it takes 4 hours for the stomach to empty. This means that if you get pain in the first few hours after a meal it is the upper digestive system. The stomach, Gall bladder or liver. It is acid related or enzyme related. 


If you get beyond 4 hours and start having GI issues, it is likely small intestine. Common symptoms can be found in the previous blog, but bloating, gas, and undigested food parts are a big part of this. You can also see rashes, acne, and hair breakage. 


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